About us

About us


We are pioneers of a new pathway to comprehensive natural health cure that has no comparison. Home Clinic Healer (HCH) is a Kitchen Cure Therapy Technology (KCT) with holistic healing power from your home kitchen over all manner of sickness of daily living!


Upon request for cure to any disease, HCH makes available, a workable medical solution within 48 hours. When you are registered with HCH, all healing solutions are provided for you to apply, one case at a time. You are guaranteed 100% assurance of success.


There is a back -up system of supply to support those who may choose the option of taking natural supplements. Our Health Store is readily available 24/7 at for placing orders with guaranteed results at very affordable costs.




To see Home Clinic Healer (HCH) become a Landmark Leap, to the quality of Healthy Lifestyle, made available to all citizens of the world!


With powerful collaboration from public and private sector charity agencies, this mission can attain accelerated accomplishment for a healthier and happier community without question. The concept of Home Clinic Therapy consists of four main components as follows:




  • PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field)




The relevance of these components is inherent in its capacity to transform lives, to experience new vigor and vitality with little effort.



To utilize Home Clinic as a model of Medical Education, for providing affordable and viable healthcare alternatives,  reaching out to a broader society from your Home Kitchen.


Every registered member automatically becomes a medical practitioner for free. You have access to any information concerning any kind of sickness demanded for 24/7. You are guaranteed answers, one case at a time, that work without question, to all requests within 48 hours.