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“I haven’t had any pain or symptoms since this started. I would recommend it to anyone who has knee pain.” –Larry Bob, Arthritis Patient


My knee has been hurting over the past 7 years. So many prescribed medications failed to remove the pain , resulting in a knee replacement surgery which did not do much.

I was on the verge of giving up when I stumbled into the KCT option of trying red onions with epson salt. Within 24 hours my story changed because the pain suddenly disappeared.

Thank God for this supernatural relief.   Shelly Williams


Wonders will never end. My blood sugar level simply refuses to go down despite variety of medication drugs given by different doctors. Things got worse degenerating to taking insulin in the past 3 years. My neighbour told me about perforated boiled egg placed in a cup of apple cider vinegar. I was shocked beyond belief when next morning, my blood sugar went down to normal.  It is now 2 months of unbelievable fresh  air ironically using egg I formally took for breakfast ,  becoming  my healer.  Mohammed Hassan

The deteriorating state of my kidney forced me into dialysis to take injections everyday. A co-worker informed me to try using raisins soaked in hot water and left overnight. The very next day came with great relief for me to continue for the next 60 days, reporting back to my doctor. He was in a shock to discover my kidneys resurrected and advised I continue doing the raisin treatment.  Angel Kolotista


There is no doubt in my mind that Home Clinic healer (HCH) has come to make historic change in the dynamics of medical treatment. This is the way to explain how I have been on insulin injection for 15 years, only to have it stop when I used Potato Starch from my kitchen for 30 days!  It cost less than $20 to stop my daily injection and the entire world should get to now this.  KCT is an eye-opener! He who has ears, let him hear.  Solomon Barera


Ever since I started the regime of brushing my teeth with baking soda, sea salt and drops of coconut oil, my teeth is getting whiter and gum pain is gone. The cost of this KCT combination tremendously improves your dental health for more than one year,  compared to using toothpaste and visitation to dental clinic. This is an unbelievable cost-effective discovery towards better dental health for every family.  Victor Chelsea


Whao! My ear ache refused to go in spite of anti biotics and other pain killing medications. From KCT came the information to try drops of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) which worked like magic within 24 hours. The difference is so clear about HOME clinic.

“I was diagnosed with cancer of the kidney in January, 2017 and the left kidney was surgically removed in February. In August I started feeling same symptoms and doctor told me that the second kidney may be have been affected. Immediately I started searching for more information and solution before i came across therapy on home-clinic-healer. The symptoms suddenly stopped since i started doing the kidney cleansing therapy”. Kunle Ajayi


Coming across home-clinic-healer has changed my terrific blood pressure level.
Julius Chaw

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