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The first thing to know is that through industrialization and pollution, we have lowered the amount of oxygen in the environment, leading to ‘Anoxia’. Anoxia means, absence of oxygen. Day after day, month after month, an individual breathes in toxic air into his lungs at the expense of oxygen until he gets sick. That is the story of everyone on this planet today.


Your body is made up of over 70 trillion cells with more than 66% of the body as water.  Majority of diseases that plague humanity emanate from toxic air, food and water that we consume. It is such toxic fungi, parasites, bacteria etc. that grow to form sickness like heart failure, arthritis, HIV etc. They are known as Anaerobic because they get stronger in the absence of oxygen. When there is oxygen, they cannot survive. This is why it is necessary to seek the guidance of a skilled oxygen therapist to enrich your body with oxygen. By flooding your body with oxygen, you will remain in robust health migrating from drug medication. You may not be able to add more years to your life, but you can add more life to your years using oxygen!


Oxygen removes free radicals, which develop from pollution and toxicity. It eliminates impurities, and it is deadly to the majority of the fungi (microbes) and garbage within the body. It is for this reason that the following recommendations were made about Healthy Living as outlined hereunder:


1.  Eat less Fuel like sweet and starches.

2.  Eat more good fats like n-3 and n-6 fatty acids that increase energy.

3.  Eat more natural greens.

4.  Eat more natural fiber.

5.  Avoid low and no-fat diets.

6.  Eat more health oils and fewer shelf oils

7.  Eat less cooked and fried foods.

8.  Eat less margarine, convenience junk-food made with hydrogenated oils.

9.  Consume optimum amounts of all components of health.

10.  Pills cannot optimize health.

11.  Be physically active.

12.  Make time for rest and for play.

13.  Make time to enjoy and be grateful.

14.  Make gratitude your attitude.

15.  If you drink a cup of a caffeine-containing beverage, you should drink an additional glass of pure water.


High Blood Pressure: This is caused by water deficiency inside the cells and an excess of water outside the cells. Drugs do not bring water into the body. You are drinking some water with your medication, and the water is more important than the medication.


Breathing: Breathing is everyman’s Oxygen Therapy that is free, effective, and can be used when there are no compounds to carry, or machines to buy. We are working around in our own medicine, and it is right under our noses! A research was conducted by the National Institute of Health and Stanford University between 498 long-distance runners and same number of average people.. The oxygenated runners outclassed the average ones in all areas including,  age-related disabilities and heart conditions. That is why all Yogis who practice alternate nostril breathing for two hours every morning don’t get sick!


The author of the book ‘The Oxygen Breakthrough’ Dr. Sheldon Hendler taught his patients how to habitually practice deep breathing. He got most of his patients to come off majority of their medication in course of time because, they flooded their bodies with oxygen.


Nostril breathing is far superior to mouth breathing. To practice correctly, simply inhale, hold, exhale and hold in that sequence. Details of deep breathing steps will be provided at a later stage.




Oxygen (O2) plays a powerful and primary role in our overall health

and well being. It is vital for proper metabolic functions, blood

circulation, the assimilation of nutrients, coupled to digestion and

elimination of metabolic wastes. Home Clinic offers well-patented

O2 products, made in liquid and sachet forms, and enriched with

trace minerals to optimize your health. Either brand performs the

same function of oxidizing your cells.