Sample KCT Demonstrations

Sample KCT Demonstrations

Kitchen Cure Therapy Examples

These are a few of so many therapies worthy of mention. Test them to find amazing results:


  1.  Knee Pain. Mix red onions with epson salt in a mixer into paste. Bandage the mix over the knee or painful part overnight to experience great relief.

  2. Lower Blood Pressure.. Do a deep breathing exercise through your nose and out through your mouth for 5- 10 minutes, before taking your blood pressure.

  3. Alternatively, put your feet in hot water that you can bear to see your BP come down.

  4. Lower Blood Sugar, Soak boiled egg that you poke all around into apple cider vinegar overnight to see your sugar level come down.

  5. Kidney Cleansing. Wash black raisins and put into boiled water bowl overnight. Seive the next morning and drink. Do this for 4 days to get great relief that you will feel physically.

  6. Natural Health. Take ginger and garlic and lemon in a mixer into paste. Take one tablespoonfull at night before bed and first thing in the morning. Your body will feel great after a few days from improved immunity.